New York Colleges for Criminal Justice

New York Colleges for Criminal Justice

There are many great reasons to study criminal justice in New York. For one, the state is home to some of the best law enforcement agencies in the country, including the NYPD, which is one of the most respected police forces in the world. New York is also home to seven top-ranked colleges that are featured in our list of the Best U.S. Colleges for Criminal Justice.

A criminal justice degree from a top college in New York can open the door to a fulfilling career in law enforcement or another criminal justice-related field. Students who graduate from one of these schools will be well-prepared to enter the workforce as confident and competent professionals.

Students will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of the criminal justice system through coursework that covers topics such as criminology, police procedures, and the legal process. Programs teach students how to critically analyze data, think logically, and communicate effectively – skills that are essential for success in any field, but especially in criminal justice. Additionally, many programs offer unique internship opportunities with local and state agencies that give students the chance to gain real-world experience before they graduate.

The Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in New York for 2023

Each year, our analysts scrutinize data from the U.S. Department of Education along with private and public data from over 90 colleges and universities in New York to create our list of the best colleges for criminal justice in New York. Our review process begins with an evaluation of each school’s academic strength, as measured by the quality of its faculty, retention rates, and graduation rates. We also consider each school’s tuition and average student debt to ensure that it is affordable for students and their families.

We then take a close look at the student-to-faculty ratio to ensure that students have access to the individualized attention they need to succeed. Finally, we examine the availability of unique learning opportunities each school provides its students, such as internships and research programs. The following schools are our picks for the best colleges in New York for criminal justice: