Colleges in Texas for Criminal Justice

Students interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice can find many great schools in Texas. The Lone Star State is home to six institutions in our 2023 ranking of the Best U.S. Colleges for Criminal Justice and several more featured in our list of America’s most affordable schools for criminal justice.

A degree in Criminal Justice explores the American legal system, the conception, and implementation of the law, and emphasizes critical thinking about crime and society. Programs teach students the skills of assessment, ethical reasoning, and critical analysis to help them develop their own perspectives on the causes of crime, the efficacy of various criminal justice interventions, and social justice.

Students can expect to take courses in criminal procedure, criminology, and constitutional law and explore broader issues such as race, gender, and class in the context of crime and justice. Many programs offer unique learning opportunities through internships with local and state agencies, which prepare graduates to enter the real world as informed and responsible criminal justice professionals.

The Best Colleges for Criminal Justice in Texas for 2023

Each year, we analyze data from the U.S. Department of Education along with public and private data from over 115 qualifying criminal justice programs to determine the best colleges in Texas for Criminal Justice.

Our review begins with an evaluation of each school’s academic strength, as measured by the quality of its faculty, graduation rates, and retention rates. We then consider affordability, utilizing data on tuition, scholarships, and financial aid. Finally, we account for the unique opportunities each school provides its students, such as internship and research opportunities, alumni salaries, and job placement rates. The following schools are our picks for the best colleges in Texas for Criminal Justice: